Arizona-New Mexico District


We greet you with Jesus Joy, by the will of God. The Bishop’s Theme is integrated into our District Theme: But ye are a chosen Generation, a royal priesthood, “A Holy Nation" a peculiar people;. Nehemiah 8:1-10;1 Peter 2:1-10.   We pray that this Website is helpful. If there is anything, I can do (within reasons); I am available to assist you. Why were Nehemiah and the people so successful in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem?  One would discover that Nehemiah was a man of prayer and he had great faith in God who could do anything, but fail.  He, also had confidence in the plan of action God had given him to unify the people and rebuild the walls.  The Nehemiah Plan is a great tool for pastors to use in the 21st Century. We must continue the use of innovative ideas in Developing church growth, Strengthening our local churches, Enhancing Spiritual Development, Community Out-Reach, Going beyond the four walls of the church and working for the glory and honor of God. “To God Be the Glory”.
 Your Humble Servant,

Rev., Dr. D. Charles Wharry, Presiding Elder